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Product Dimensions: 11.85 x 7.64 x 7.17 inches

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Manufacturer: Part Number ‎BIO-11530

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Item Weight: 2.5 pounds

Manufacturer: ARMIDA SOCHIL

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Specific Uses : For Product Glass

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Manufacturer: Part Number ‎B0030MYGXW

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Product Dimensions: ‎2.25 x 2.25 x 1.85 inches

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Manufacturer: Part Number ‎96527

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BioClean:Eco Friendly Cookware cleaner - 40958

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Manufacturer: ‎Terminator-HSD

Item Weight: ‎10 ounces

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Buyer's Guide: Best Bio Cleaners

How Can Bio Cleaners Solve Your Plumbing Problems?

Bio Cleaners were introduced in the market as a new and improved method for controlling and eradicating unwanted bioaerosols (bioaccumulates). This was later followed by the introduction of Bio Degraders which further enhanced this technology. Basically, Bio Cleaners are specially formulated to rid waste from soils, containing harmful microorganisms, of harmful toxins, and at the same time, restore the depleted soil fertility level. They contain the right quantity and quality of particular non-pathogenic enzymes, both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, and microorganisms nutrients that are required for restoration. These cleaners are more efficient than biological treatment methods because they are more economical and less time-consuming.

The cleaning work of these bacteria is done through oxygenation. Oxygenation is a process that uses oxygen to break down and eliminate microorganisms, fungi, and other contaminants present in soils. The amount of oxygen used depends on different factors such as the concentration of the harmful microorganisms in the soils, as well as on the amount of contamination. Therefore, oximeters are used to determine the amount of oxygen needed for the complete cleaning of the area. Usually, the process of oxygenation requires eight to twelve hours.

With the passage of time, the shelf life of the Bio Cleaners' solution diminishes because of constant exposure to moisture, air, sunlight, and temperature changes. Thus, it is important to regularly maintain and replace the cleaner after each cleaning session. The shelf life of these cleaners usually ranges between four to ten years, depending on the ingredients used in the formulation of the product. The product is also designed for easy application and for varied applications. Some of the commonly used products include:

The most common active components in the manufacturing of bio cleaning products are chlorine and ozone. Other natural compounds that may be added to improve the functionality of the cleaners are glycerol, urea, resorcinol, or propylene glycol. Other added benefits of using bio cleaners include protection against ultraviolet radiation (UV), reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission, protection against harmful chemicals, and control of mold growth. Thus, they help protect the environment from external pollution as well as internal pollution caused by microorganisms and growth.

Although it is evident that bio cleaning products have certain advantages over other traditional forms of cleaning like wet chemical methods and mechanical washing, there are several disadvantages associated with these cleaners. Some of the main disadvantages include: insufficient effectiveness for cleaning large areas; use of harsh solvents; release of toxic fumes; formation of carcinogenic byproducts; and formation of toxic compounds during cleaning process. Despite the disadvantages, many companies have still developed products that can meet the needs of their customers.

The two major types of effective drain cleaners are oxygen-based and carbon-based. They differ in their characteristics such as the rate of absorption of their active ingredient, the pH level of their solution, the cost of their product, the capability of eliminating bacteria and the effectiveness of killing microorganisms. Carbon-based drain cleaner has a slower rate of absorption but the pH level of its solution is highly acidic which is favorable for eliminating bacteria. However, the cost of this type of cleaner is not as expensive as the oxygen-based products. Both types of drain cleaner have drain cleaner components that have a positive effect on the sewer drain.

It is important to maintain the proper working condition of a sewer drain to keep it free from blockages. Some common problems that cause blockages in the pipes include tree roots, soil, debris, footwear, oils, cosmetics and food particles. With a properly functioning drain, bacteria will not accumulate in the pipes and cause clog in your bathroom. If the clog is not removed in a timely manner, it will lead to the growth of molds, algae, fungi and other harmful bacteria. To prevent the growth of these bacteria, regularly empty your toilet bowl and flush it thoroughly. Remove any toilet paper or towel that may have come into contact with the drain before using them again.

Some of the best bio cleaners have a shelf life of up to 50 years. This means that you can buy these products over again without worrying about changing them. You can also keep your Bio Cleaner in top working condition by regularly cleaning the drain cleaners' components such as the tank, the scrubbers, the chemical feeder, the float arm and the feed pipe. By doing so, you ensure that the components are in perfect working condition for a long time. Proper maintenance is one of the ways of maximizing the shelf life of your cleaner.

FAQs: Best Bio Cleaners

Does Bio-Clean expire?

Because they are freeze dried, Bio-Clean has an almost infinite shelf life. Although the manufacturer claims it will last 10 years, it can last up to 100 years if not exposed to direct sunlight or moisture. I've never heard of this product having a "shelf-life."

What is bio cleaning?

Bio-clean is a natural bacteria and enzyme blend that digests organic waste in your plumbing system. Hair, grease, soap scum, and food particles could all be present. The Bio-clean method is non-corrosive and safe, so it will not harm your pipes.

Who owns Bio-Clean?

Statewide Supply Company, Inc. John Dahlk, a licensed master plumber, founded Statewide Supply, Inc. in 1986. We are the exclusive global distributors of Maximizer Drain & Trap Pro and Bio-Clean.

How fast does bio clean work?

Bio-Clean is extremely effective, and most people will notice a difference within a few days. Results can take up to three weeks to appear. Bio-Clean comes in a 2-pound bottle that is good for 1,000 gallons of cleaning.

Does Bio Clean eat hair?

BIO-CLEAN is non-toxic and has no effect on living tissue or inorganic materials. It has no effect on organic wastes such as hair, food particles, and grease.

How do you use Bio Cleaner?

The sponge should be wet first. Apply the Bio Cleaner clay to the sponge next. Move the sponge in a circular motion. Lather the sponge with soap. Warm water is recommended for rinsing. To dry, use a clean towel.

Can you use bio-clean in toilet?

It's best to combine Bio-Clean and warm water... To clean the toilets, mix 2 tablespoons of Bioclean with 2 pints of water. To flush the mixture out of the toilet, fill the bowl with 2 pints of plain water. Do not flush the toilet after 24 hours.

Why are enzymes kept on ice?

Biochemists and molecular biologists believe that valuable enzymes should be stored in the freezer. At temperatures below freezing, enzyme activity is typically reduced while protein stability is maximized.

Does freezing denature enzymes?

Freezing an enzyme, on the other hand, can have a different effect. Freezing an enzyme does not cause it to denature. It reduces the enzyme's rate of operation. Experimenting with freezing has no long-term effect on enzyme function.

Are enzyme cleaners safe?

Enzymes used in cleaning products have an excellent safety profile and are unlikely to cause adverse reactions in humans. Enzymes are not toxic in terms of acute toxicity, genotoxicity, or subacute toxicity. Endpoints like reproductive toxicity or carcinogenicity should be avoided.

Do enzymes really Clean pipes?

Enzyme cleaners are excellent for removing odors and clearing clogs from pipes. This cleaner is better for the environment and comes highly recommended by reputable plumbing companies.

What are the ingredients in Bio Cleaner?

the originalClay soap flakes, green soy soap, vegetable fats, glycerin, lemon oil, and water are the ingredients. CITRUS CLAY, SOAP FLAKES, GREEN SOAP, VEGAN OIL, GLYCERIN, ORANGE OIL, AND WATER

Can vinegar and baking soda damage pipes?

The baking soda/vinegar reaction in a drain/household pipe system does not occur in closed systems, so pressure cannot build up sufficiently to blow a clog out.

How much is bio-clean?

This item, BioClean Drain 2#, is capable of cleaning drains, septic tanks, and grease traps. natural and guaranteed to be free of caustic chemicals. It thoroughly cleanses your system by removing fats, oils, and grease. Stock is currently available. Product-specific information 6 x 6 x 6 inch product dimensionsItem weight of 2 pounds

Is Bio-Clean safe for pets?

Bio-Clean bacteria is non-pathogenic (does not cause disease) and completely safe for pets, humans, and the environment (view Material Safety Data Sheet PDF).

What is bio cleaner used for?

Bio Cleaner can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including stovetops, stainless-steel sinks, appliances, granite countertops, copper, and so on. It can also be used to clean bathroom tiles, and it can be used outside to clean PVC furniture and grills.

Is Bio Cleaner a disinfectant?

BIO-CLEAN is a disinfectant fluid that has been dyed dark blue and recently perfumed with 'wintergreen' fragrances. When stored, the product is stable. To treat the tanks of aircraft toilets, BIO-CLEAN acts as a detergent, disinfectant, bactericide/germicide, deodorant, cleaner, and agent.

Can you use bio cleaner on granite?

A: Bio Cleaner is a surface cleaner that is non-porous.This includes glass and porcelain kitchen stove tops, wood floors (finished wood or laminate), and stainless steel sinks. pans for frying in the microwave. drip pan in silver, brass, and chrome. Granite counters.

Is Bio Clean safe for septic systems?

This incredible product has been specially designed to break down the oils, fats, and grease that can clog your septic system. By performing regular maintenance, Bio-Clean can keep your septic system in good working order for many years.

How do you use a BIOClean toilet?

2 teaspoons of BIO-CLEAN and 2 pints of warm water. Pour the mixture into the toilet to push the product deeper into the sewer. For the next six to eight hours, do not flush the toilet.

Is Bio-Clean Toxic?

Bio-Clean is an all-natural combination of potent enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Bio-Clean is a beneficial bacteria that consumes organic buildup in drains. Grease, food particles, and hair can all be culprits.

Can I use bio-Clean in the dishwasher?

It can be used in the drain of a dishwasher. The rinse cycle will remove any antibacterial or chlorine soap that has accumulated in the drain line. After that, combine 1 tablespoon of Bio-Clean with 1 pint of warm water. Allow the Bio-Clean to soak for 30 minutes in warm water.

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