Best Outdoor Window Cleaner

Buyer's Guide: Best Outdoor Window Cleaner

Tips For Buying an Outdoor Window Cleaner

If you are looking to buy an outdoor window cleaner to clean your windows, there are plenty of options out there. You can get the traditional model that comes in a can or if you have time a bottle. Or you can go the eco-friendly route and get bottle models that use vegetable oil and other natural ingredients. They cost a little bit more than the ones that come in a can, but are better for the environment because they use recycled materials. Either way, you will want to be sure to pick up a bottle that fits your cleaning needs. Here is a quick review of the various models you can choose from:

Oreck - This brand is one of the most popular on the market. Their outdoor window cleaner is designed to spray foam onto your windows. The great thing about Oreck recipes is how versatile they are. This particular recipe uses exactly the same ratios as the generic DIY glass cleaner found in the book except switched out vinegar for rubbing alcohol for more effectiveness for outdoor use. To make this a more affordable option you can also use distilled vinegar instead of rubbing alcohol.

Dawn Dish Soap - This formula is one of the oldest out there. It uses dish soap (as well as lemon extract and glycerin) to clean windows without using chemicals. One advantage to Dawn dish soap is that you can replace glycerin and lemon extract with just about anything you already have around the house. For example, you can use castile soap for a cleaner shine or regular liquid soap for a mild cleaner. There are some Dawn dish soaps that are good for cleaning car seats, leather sofas, and vinyl floors (you can't get those ingredients in a spray bottle).

Duct Cleaner - A duct cleaner works by spraying the cleaning solution through the air. The product also removes grease, mold, and airborne allergens from your air. This is a great product for homes with children, elderly, or allergies. If you haven't used a duct cleaner before you may want to use a different brand or model than the ones that are rated 5.

Glass Cleaner - Using glass cleaners helps get rid of streak-free cleaner. The chemicals in glass cleaners react with the sun to create streaks, so they need to be left outdoors if you want to keep them streak-free. If you do want them in your home, remember not to leave them on windows where sunlight can reach them. They can break and become harmful.

Non-toxic glass cleaner - Another alternative for those who do not want to deal with ammonia fumes or the chemicals found in other glass cleaners is non-toxic glass cleaner. This type of cleaner will not cause fumes or chemicals. It will only work when hot water is involved.

Squeegee Set - When cleaning outdoor window cleaners you should consider purchasing a squeegee set. Most squeegees have a small assortment of nozzles designed for different cleaning jobs. Some of these nozzles are specifically for windows while others are designed to clean the entire window. The nozzles range in size depending on how dirty the windows are and what type of cleaner you are using. You should always test a squeegee set before you start cleaning windows so you know what type of cleaner to purchase based on its size.

Spray Bottle - If you are going to purchase a glass cleaner, it is a good idea to buy a spray bottle to put in your car trunk. Having a bottle near you will allow you to easily spray the cleaner as needed. One happy reviewer wrote that she sprayed her cleaner right on her car window after getting out of the car and was surprised by how much easier it was to clean the windows. Another happy customer said that her daughters car was sparkling when she sprayed it. If you use a spray bottle to apply the cleaner to the windows it will make the job go by much faster.

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