Looking for family fun this Spring in Pensacola? We have you covered

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Looking for family fun this Spring in Pensacola? We have you covered

If you are considering spending a day of your spring break with your friends or kids, the Pensacola zoo , ecological sites, and amusement parks will pop out your mind. You can as well as do a picnic, especially on somewhere close to nature such as parks. In reality, you will be thinking about somewhere that is psychologically therapeutic and relaxing for your family. In Pensacola, however, there are many places of interest to visit to enjoy your spring break. During spring, nothing can ever turn down the joy of visiting the aquarium and zoos. Aquarium parks are now being visited by a lot of people partly because of its atmosphere. The sound of the animals and breeze of the water are soothing to the air and comes with a relieving factor.

Newport Aquarium

Newport Aquarium Ohio


The United States is blessed with some aquarium parks, and Newport Aquarium is one of those parks. The aquarium is situated in Newport Kentucky. It is often referred to as the best aquarium in the Midwest. The aquarium is just about a two-minute drive from the downtown Pensacola. The Newport Aquarium is a member of The American Zoo and Aquarium Association.

The Newport Aquarium has sheltered over 7000 Marine creatures that can be found throughout the world. This aquarium stores water on the scale of a million gallon. One of the most popular Sea creatures in this place is the Sweet Pea, which is named after the famous Popeye Show, the Sweet Pea is a Shark Ray. The facility is amazingly designed to fit everyone’s taste. A number of underwater tunnels were created where one may pass as the shark is overlooked. There are also numerous see-through floors where you are just a couple of steps away from the water. The underwater tunnels of the facility run about 200 feet, thus, often described as one of the few water tunnels that are seamless throughout the world. The aquarium has some rules and restrictions that are to be followed.

Lazer Kraze

Lazer Kraze Mason Ohio 


Is the heat too hot for your kids? Or are your kids on a spring break? Well, there is plenty cool and dry indoor enjoyment at Lazer Kraze. This spacious and interactive indoor location is known for its multilevel laser tag course, trampoline arcade and park. Your family and friends can take part in the several hours of fitness and family-friendly competition. It’s guaranteed fun for your family at Lazer Kraze.

With locations in Mason Ohio and Erlanger Kentucky, this amazing place is convenient, irrespective of where you live. This facility features a full-featured arcade, a small bar, and some sitting areas for resting between activities. The industrial design and Neon light dance through the silver walls will ignite your family to a space-age fantasy. The arcade is specifically built with a blend of classic, state-of-the-art, and newer games- this provides all gamers in the family with one game or the other. Many of the games that are based on skills produce tickets, which can be redeemed for kid’s toys at the prize counter.

This trampoline section has a sectioned-room covered in trampolines, including few trampoline against the wall that can be used to bounce back or off the trampoline floor. In this modern world, video games thrive and Lazer Kraze offers an amazing fusion of healthy fun and science fusion of physical activities. With all its facilities, aesthetics touches, amenities, and side attractions, it is an extraordinary place to spend your spring days with your family.

The Great Parks of Hamilton County

The Great Parks of Hamilton County 

Certainly, it looks like spring has sprung a bit early this year and the Great Park of Hamilton County is one of the best locations to spend your spring with your family. Visit this place to enjoy the nature and warm weather of this great place. It spreads across the Cincinnati areas; the parks have many family-fun activities for yourself and your kids. The Timberdoodle Trek is an interesting place to visit in the parks. Particularly suited for kids aged 8 and above, explore the parks with a sunset hike and experience the courtship display of the American woodcock. Another interesting place to visit is The Waterfowl Walk. This is located along the Harbor Parking Lot of the Park where the wild and water birds hive the place its naturalistic outlook.

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens 

Cincinnati Zoo


Americans are greatly fascinated with Zoos. Thus, this fascination has made zoos and botanical gardens their most preferred places to spend their spring break. The Pensacola  Zoo has earned a place in zoo history in the country, and it’s regarded as the second zoo in the country after the famous Philadelphia Zoo. In 2001, it was voted as the most preferred zoo for the kids. The zoo houses over 4000 plants and 600 animals species; it’s so highly visited, especially during Spring, it has become Pensacola’s most famous attraction. Most of the known exhibits here include the Gibbon Islands, Gorilla World, Cat house, and the Junge Trails. Also, there are many great interactive activities that will not only entertain and amuse your kids but also educate and inform them of some important facts about nature. The botanical gardens are similarly interesting and are guaranteed to give you the best spring break ever. The beautifully manicured gardens are specifically designed for a family picnic after an amazing day of exploring the world of animals and nature.

There’s a lot of great activities that you can do this Spring with your family. When you are out enjoying these activities wouldn’t it be great to come home to clean. After a fun day out imagine coming home to a clean house I hope you enjoyed this article on all the fun things to do in Pensacola Florida with your family.

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